What is The Light of Truth?

Light of Truth supports those desiring to deepen their experience of presence.

“It assists in gaining access to inner realms and releasing unresolved emotions, beliefs, physical and energetic blocks.”
As you unwind and clear, you return to a true sense of self, in deep surrender.

A word from Sitara Van Block, MA Transpersonal Psychology

Services and Offerings


Our truest work is to free ourselves of our wounding and baggage so that we can fulfill our destiny with joy and ease. We do this by clearing deep-rooted patterns and healing our wounds so that the soul can shine brightly and unlimited. Some patterns are genetically imprinted at birth, and others are karmically imprinted in our cells. Read More…


We offer a variety of sessions to meet your needs. There are many ways to clear blocked energy. From working on core patterns and conditioning, emotional release, relationships, or renewal and alignment with your life calling. The Vision Quest is a powerful tool for self exploration and transformation. Read More…


Courses are designed for both introductory and in depth study. Courses are tailored for Licensed Professionals to receive Continuing education Credit, College Students in transpersonal Psychology, body workers, and anyone drawn to this work. There are also courses designed for working with Children. Read More…

Books and Videos


5 interactive Journeys with hands on activities for home or classroom, ideal for ages 9-14. This DVD program moves through five 45 minute Journeys, each with a 45 minute reflection exercise. Each segment contains video instruction and followup exercises for self reflection. Learn More…


This DVD is a 3 Class Series on 1 DVD which offers three full yoga classes for kids and families. A great yoga workout led by kids. Build on the basics and advance with over 100 yoga poses with simple clear narration by Sitara Van Block, and demonstrated by 10 kid yogis. Learn More…


This DVD is great for children ages 3 and up, families and friends of all ages. 45 minutes featuring 27 partner yoga poses and acro yoga flying poses. Family Acro Yoga is a time for kids of all ages and parents enjoy the creative challenges and playful aspects of family yoga. Learn More…


This is an e-book about the rich world within. It is designed for Children ages 8-14. It is ideal for families or groups to bond and share deeply together in a fun, creative way. It is a 5 session course that develops life skills. Learn More…


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