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Sitara Van Block

Transpersonal Psychologist MA

My family are Sufis in South Africa, and I was surrounded by healers and mystics of all traditions who showed me that healing and our spiritual path are one and the same.

During Apartheid South Africa, I worked in the CapeTown squatter camps and immersed myself in the process of change through protest, politics and community work.

With a BA in Psychology, I sailed across the Atlantic ocean, and for 2 years, I sought out healers and spiritual leaders, shamans and enlightened masters; living examples of truth, who knew the source of transformative healing.

This led me at age 23 to Merriella who received enlightenment through Christ’s presence, she had the gift of clear sight and performed operations of light.

I returned to South Africa filled up and ready to give back. I lived in a yoga ashram for some years and formed “We Create Our Future”, an environmental and cultural center for multicultural youth. Words can’t sum up the magic and healing that happened with youth of all cultures finding the power of their voice, and educating the public on their vision through performance and film. This took off, won awards and led to international recognition, a BBC documentary and speaking at world conferences, including The Earth Summit.

After 4 years, Mandela was a free man and and I felt called to my true healing teacher, Meriella, in Sedona, Arizona. Merriella did not teach technique; she taught the process of clearing ourselves and doing our own inner work which leads to clear sight. I removed myself from the outer world and many years were dedicated to facing my deepest patterns. Our unconscious conditioning has such a profound effect on us.

Sitara Van Block, MA

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One afternoon Meriella was washing her apprentices feet, and as she washed mine, she said: “You will be the one to continue this work.”

I broke into uncontrollable sobbing. l felt the weight of destiny, this was my truest calling but it took many years before I was clear enough to support others in doing this work.

It all takes time, and marriage and kids along the way are profound mirrors, helping deepen the healing journey. This phase of life brought an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, my thesis introduced this work to the field, starting a Waldorf Charter School, teaching college courses, producing kid yoga DVD’s and an ebook, and recently returning from a year around the world with my family. A year for renewal in many ways, deepening into surrender, and offering retreats.

There are landmarks on our journey and each step taken means we can support others in taking those same steps.

I continue to learn and grow and offer these gifts to others through sessions, mentoring and classes.

Light of Truth work is now a series of 7 courses. It has its own life and I am following in awe and gratitude as I am shown the next step.

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Our truest work is to free ourselves of our wounding and baggage so that we can fulfill our destiny with joy and ease. We do this by clearing deep-rooted patterns and healing our wounds so that the soul can shine brightly and unlimited. Some patterns are genetically imprinted at birth, and others are karmically imprinted in our cells. Read More…


We offer a variety of sessions to meet your needs. There are many ways to clear blocked energy. From working on core patterns and conditioning, emotional release, relationships, or renewal and alignment with your life calling. The Vision Quest is a powerful tool for self exploration and transformation. Read More…


Courses are designed for both introductory and in depth study. Courses are tailored for Licensed Professionals to receive Continuing education Credit, College Students in transpersonal Psychology, body workers, and anyone drawn to this work. There are also courses designed for working with Children. Read More…


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