ConnectionTransformation, inspiration, integration, intuition, higher vibration, alignment, synchronicity. This is the language of now. It always feels good to recognize when life is flowing beautifully and magic is unfolding. When my life seems perfect for a moment, I tend to take it for granted and expect it to stay that way. It doesn’t. Sometimes the challenges seem huge or there are so many smaller ones that they add up and take their toll. Even though the challenges are there, it seems that at the same time life is also rewarding and fulfilling.

“Adversity is not sent to harm us, but to help us develop our strength and resourcefulness. When we find ourselves entering an abyss, and having to face our own insecurities and fears, willingly or unwillingly, we are being offered an opportunity to awaken powers that have long lain dormant within us, powers that have been waiting for these particular conditions to arise so that our hidden capacities can be brought into being.

Life is not given to us because it will be easy.  It is given to us because we are capable of it. Each sorrow that we have had to encounter testifies to the tremendous courage it takes to live a human life fully. Our wounds speak not of our weakness, but of our bravery.”

IN SEARCH OF BALANCE, Ann Mortifee & John Robbins


Looking around, I see the struggles both outwardly and inwardly, that friends are facing. It seems that many people are going through turbulent times of change. When it is all around me it seems to indicate that there is a transformation taking place on a large scale. We have a tremendous opportunity to see ourselves clearer that we did in the past. I am finding it easier to recognize the unconscious ways that I used to limited myself. It still takes a lot of hard work to face myself head on and choose to try a new approach, but it is possible. Profound life changes are happening in my own life and all around me. So many people are choosing to take responsibility for their lives and instead of complaining about what they don’t like, that are doing something about it and no longer feeling overwhelmed by their own limitations.

It is helpful to know we are not alone. We can draw strength from many sources at this time. If we keep a healthy balance of all that renews and uplifts us, we can stay strong and handle the challenges that life may be bringing us. Perhaps you are aware of some friends who are not struggling but appear to be thriving at this time. If you look closer you may find that they draw strength and renewal in many varied ways in their lives. They seem to be flexible and open to the changes life brings.

I have found tremendous support in intimate time with friends. We listen with our hearts to each other and create a neutral sounding board to speak our challenges out loud. If I am just wanting sympathy then I can paint a situation a certain way and be a victim. A good friend will lovingly reflect this back to me so that I can try again and find the truth of what is taking place at the deepest level. There is a freedom and empowerment in owning the truth. It allows us to see a way out of the area where we feel stuck.

I am also going for hikes in nature most days. I find the peace and beauty of nature have a way of permeating deeply and I come back to a place of appreciation for the perfection of all things. My mind empties and i become filled with gratitude and acceptance.

Many friends are enjoying more and more time alone and quiet. One friend recently said that she was becoming really discerning as to how she spends her time. She doesn’t want to be busy. If an activity isn’t uplifting or really necessary, she would rather remain at home, quiet and peaceful. The one activity that most friends are committed to is regular healthy exercise. Friends who are staying healthy in body mind and spirit are exercising daily, from yoga to running, cross fit, biking, swimming, hiking, dancing. There is such a variety of fun ways to stay fit.

Spiritual community is also a source of support for many people. It is a quality way to deepen into relation with others. If we meditate together, it is easier than alone and we feel a sense of fellowship. A daily meditation practice is recommended by many spiritual traditions, it stills the mind and we come into a state of allowing life to unfold instead of trying to be in control. If this is challenging alone, you may want to try meditating with a friend or group to support you in your practice.

Sometimes we can bring our lives back into balance by going out and doing something good for others. One of the best ways to feel better, is to notice the needs around us. If we spend time helping someone in need or meeting a need in our community, we feel better about ourselves. When we see all the challenges others are facing, it can put our own situation into perspective and help us ride the wave of change.

Another area that gets energy flowing in our lives is some form of creative outlet. We are all creative whether you are aware of it for not, sometimes our creativity is expressed though a creative approach to life, being spontaneous and enjoying beauty is a form of living creatively.

When we feel stuck in some area of our lives, it leads to depression. Our energy doesn’t have a direction so it wanes. If you have an area in your life where you feel stuck, I encourage you to face it head on. Journal about it, pray about it, check in with friends, read wise teachings that remind you of what is true, maybe go on a retreat that feels nurturing and renewing for you, seek out some professional support, a councellor, or some kind of healing work.

These are so many ways to make a shift and get clear again but we do need to be proactive and take the initiative.

There is an opportunity for transformation at this time on the planet, we have tremendous support from high vibration frequencies of light permeating the atmosphere of our planet. Our resistance to change creates pain and suffering. I am acknowledging deeply that transformation is not easy. We have to overcome deep seated fears that can be old and entrenched. Transformation requires stepping out of what is old and stuck and into new and unfamiliar territory.

We are not alone, we are all growing and transforming together.


Mysterious Journey

“When a path opens before us that leads we know not where, don’t be afraid to follow it. Our lives are meant to be mysterious journeys, unfolding one step at a time.  Often we follow a path worn smooth by the many and in doing so we lose our authenticity, our individuality, our own unique expression.  Do not be afraid to lose your way.  Out of chaos, clarity will eventually arise. Out of not knowing, something new and unknown will ultimately come.  Do not order things too swiftly.  Wait and the miracle will appear.”