What is The Light of Truth?

Are you still struggling to attract what you long for, or find yourself repeating the same old habits and patterns? After 30 years of study and practice, I am offering what I call “Light of Truth”.

“This work brings to light the unconscious root of our patterns and conditioning, penetrating the darkness of ignorance buried deeply in our genetic imprints and karmic cellular memory.”

An invitation from Sitara Van Block, MA

About the Light of Truth Work

We all have a few deep rooted patterns to clear in our lifetime. This is our truest work as if frees us to fulfill our destiny. We already have these patterns imprinted at birth, some are genetic imprints that are in a family lineage for many generations, deeply seated in our genes. Other patterns are karmic, we carry them over many lifetimes and they are also in the unconscious in our cells.

Working together, I can support you to realign your whole being with your soul’s destiny. You will access the wisdom and longing of your soul, your own highest inner knowing and clear guidance.

This is a unique process of tangibly clearing through the layers of your being: physical stress, trauma, deep seated emotions, limited beliefs and blocked energy. This leads to peace, surrender, and a readiness to face the deepest core conditioning in the unconscious, together with the soul’s guidance.

When we release pain, fears, limitations and conditioning, we can be of greater service. I have found that it is not easy to do alone, it is most beneficial to be supported by someone we can trust deeply.

Light of Truth supports clearing and aligning and then grounding the change into your lifestyle so that it is truly transformative.

“Our destiny unfolds through this process. We are here to let our soul shine brightly without limitation, to live in love and joy, and freedom and inspire others.”

Light of Truth is also growing into a Transpersonal School with many courses available to learn this work. Please contact us if you are interested in study.

This work can be done in person and also remotely.

I am wholeheartedly committed to supporting you.


Light of Truth Workshop

June 1-30 2017, Sedona Arizona

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Personal Session $185

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