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About Sitara Van Block, MA

Sitara has taught yoga since 1990 both in South Africa and USA. She is a mother of 2, Savannah and Zoe and has taught kid yoga in her studio and schools since 2003. Sitara makes yoga fun and approachable for kids, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

She produced and narrated these DVD’s. The Kids World DVD series is led by 10 kid yogis including her daughters. The family Acro Yoga is led by her family, Sitara, Charlie, Savannah and Zoe, as well as guest yogis, Joey and Ben.

Sitara is a transpersonal psychologist with her own practice in Sedona Arizona.
She teaches college students and apprentices her unique work.

Sitara and her family traveled the world for one year July 1, 2012 – July 1, 2013. They shared Kids World Yoga everywhere they went. Sitara also led retreats in transpersonal psychology on the trip.

Kids World Yoga Video Series Reviews

“The Kids World Yoga Video is a joyful and easy home practice series that can be done anywhere for girls and boys of all ages. Sitara Van Block, the instructor, clearly and delightfully narrates the videos that are most beautifully demonstrated by children of ages 8 to 11. Set to engaging background music and filmed outdoors in spectacular Sedona, Arizona, the Kids World Yoga Series offers hours of safe well- instructed yoga , beginner, intermediate, and advanced , including a really fun partner yoga intro for adults and kids alike. This yoga DVD series has greatly enhanced my children’s love for yoga and is really fun for the whole family. I would highly recommend this DVD series.” Joey Philo

“I bought this video series for my 11 and 13 year old boys that are not very sporty but took a yoga class with a friend and loved it. I love that the whole family can join in and it has kids of all ages at different levels. The back ground scenery is very peaceful putting you in the mood. My kids compete with one another to see who can do the poses and hold it the longest. I would definitely recommend this to others and also purchase this as gift.” Donna S

“I teach kids yoga and love this DVD series. It really builds from beginner to advanced yoga in a fun safe way that encourages kids to play and try something new. It has a pace and style that meets kids and holds their attention. I got many new ideas of poses kids like to try that I have incorporated into my classes. I recommend it to my yoga families to help them continue a yoga practice at home together. It is a series of classes that the parents can enjoy and it definitely engages the kids to want to do yoga too. I would say this series is ideal for ages 6 to 14 but can include other family members.” Satori (yoga instructor)

Family Acro Yoga Video Reviews

“The Family Acro Yoga DVD has so much going for it. I absolutely love it for many reasons. As a parent, and someone who has worked with kids for decades, I see how adults and children are becoming more and more alienated by a fast paced digital world. Here is the perfect way for families to reconnect. Not only do you have the countless benefits of yoga, like flexibility and strength, but you have the many benefits of engaging in a physical and heart based activity with loved ones. This DVD helps to create a sense of cooperation and trust between family members, while being joyful and fun. Seeing the interaction between parents and kids on the DVD is heartwarming. The narrator has a natural, soothing voice and the instructions are well paced. There is plenty of time to get into, and hold, each position. I like the fact that each step of each pose is clearly explained and demonstrated at the same time. There are a huge variety of poses, and it never gets tedious. This DVD is appropriate for all levels, my 19 year old daughter absolutely loves Acro Yoga. The DVD is shot outdoors, it feels natural as opposed to being in a studio and adds a lot of warmth. The final relaxation segment of the DVD is fantastic. It is the perfect ending to a wonderful, physical yoga session. I highly recommend this DVD, it leaves me feeling very warm and content.” Christy

“his family DVD is all you could wish for if you are looking for fun, loving, heart-centered bonding with those you love. My 11-year-old son and I were lucky enough to be led in an acro yoga practice with Sitara. We had a wonderful time together, he didnʼt have much experience with yoga poses, and he loved it. I purchased this video for my sister who has an active 4-year-old son. Each pose is clearly described and easy to follow along. It really is directed towards everyone in the family. The music is fun, with a South African flare, and Sitara’s dialogue is very caring, her directions are clear and go slowly, step-by-step. There is also a very lovely focus on relaxation and breathing at the end, complimented with soothing pictures. I have practiced yoga for 14 years and I find this video to offer what yoga is really all about: connecting with the beauty in oneself and in others and living the joy of life. I highly recommend it for any age…just find a partner and have some fun!” Terra

“I cannot recommend this family acro yoga highly enough. It is the most fun I have had with my family in a long time. The kids want to do it every day. We laugh and we play as we do yoga together. We all get some healthy exercise at the end of the day before dinner. I am so appreciative that my kids are learning that yoga is fun. They are experiencing how good it feels to be in their bodies, stretch, get fit and flexible, and I get a good work out too. It is a wonderful gift for families with kids of any age. My kids are 7, 10 and 13. We have shared this DVD with friends and they enjoy it too. The more you do the Acro Yoga, the better you get at it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and you find yourself doing poses together you wouldn’t have thought you could do. This DVD is unique, I have never found anything else like it on the market.” Tanya


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