Sessions with Sitara Van Block

Clearing Core Conditioning

Many of us have done inner work for years and yet we continue to struggle with our unhealthy patterns and conditioning. This session supports clients, many of whom are healers, psychologists, or have been on a spiritual path for some time, to truly get to the root of the pattern deep in the unconscious imprints, the genetic and cellular imprints that are old and deeply embedded. This shift in consciousness and energetic clearing allow alignment with the souls guidance. This session supports a new momentum forward that is transformative. Read more…
(2 1/2 hours) $240.00

“Before this session I was resisting change, my chest was tight and it was hard to breathe deeply. Now I can say that after a few short hours with Sitara, I am definitely on a new path. I see more clearly. My experience here has been unbelievable and amazing. I now see my true beauty and strength.”Mary

“Thank you for your compassion, your understanding, your healing words and your healing touch. This is the best work I have ever experienced. I feel completely open and receptive to this transformational process that began with this significant release. Blessings.”Jody

“You have brought forth the answers I was trying to feel in my soul, the right ones, thank you!”Lisa

“Thank you for your incredible insights and guidance. You are uniquely gifted and intensely intuitive. More powerful than 5 years of psycho therapy. Sitara explained things that just GOT THROUGH. Her straightforward gently firm and incredibly insightful way gave me PERMISSION to love myself. I am eternally grateful.”Ken

Emotional Clearing

This session supports the client to get in touch with unresolved emotions that are sitting in the body. Very often we get stuck in grief or cannot release anger or resentment, old pain or other emotions. This session supports the client in accessing and releasing blocks: emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically and down to the root cause in the cells. This session helps clients drop into presence and feel their reality in profound ways. From this place they can see steps to take to shift in the areas that are blocked. Read more below…

(2 hours) $195.00

Read More About Emotional Clearing and Clearing Core Conditioning

Transpersonal Psychology is the holistic field that acknowledges that we all have a few deep rooted core patterns or conditioning. It is our challenge to face these limitations that block us from our truest expression of our divine purpose.

These patterns are not easy to clear because they show up through many layers of our being. We hold onto unresolved emotions deeply, we also hold onto limited beliefs and judgments about ourselves and others in the mind. We hold stress in the physical body according to what we are resisting and struggling with, and this also blocks our energy flow. When we release through all these layers, we feel a shift. We feel lighter, freer, clearer, more energized.

We feel good for a while, but down the line if we are under stress or in a familiar set of circumstances that trigger us, we can find ourselves falling into reaction again. We react blindly from a deep, more unconscious aspect of ourselves. It can feel disheartening, like we have made progress and yet the deep core patterns still seem to surface.

In order to allow lasting transformation, we need to clear into the unconscious layers. These imprints can be very deep and old. We carry genetic imprints in our genes that are passed through a family lineage and deeply engrained. We also carry karmic imprint in our cells. Cellular memory, or body memory can be very old and also reinforced through trauma and body memory during our lifetime.
Our true work is to release the core of the conditioning energetically from these deep layers. This is not easy as we hold onto old ways of being that are comfortable, even though they do not serve our highest good. We are afraid to let go what is known and familiar and drop into the unknown and a new way of seeing and being.

It feels good when we make these changes but sometimes we need a safe supportive environment in order to face ourselves and what lies beneath the surface.

There is a process that allows this work to take place where you are being supported through your own authentic experience of letting go layer by layer and clearing your conditioning. Read the Steps to Clearing below…

Step 1: Movement and Breath

This process starts with some movement and breath in order to release an outer layer of holding in the body.You are then guided through checking in deeply with the physical and energetic sensations in the body and unresolved emotions. We also observe the mind to witness what is occupying the mind. This helps you get a sense of what you are holding onto and where it sits in the body.

Step 2: Unwinding the Stress and Blocked Energy

The second phase is to get comfortable and relaxed. Close the eyes and feel your attention dropping deeply into the body. I guide you in a process of feeling the blocks and letting them go. This unwinding of stress and blocked energy is also a time for emotional release.

There are times when the emotions are charged and unresolved and there may be some tears as the emotions clear, or agitation if there is some deep seated anger that is moving up and out. This is a time for letting go deeply and profoundly of “the baggage” that we carry,the defenses, fears, resistance, emotions, limited beliefs, judgments, and pain.

As each bock clears, you are dropping deeper into a state of surrender, allowing energy to flow freely, no longer holding on so tightly to that which gets in your own way. This surrender is allowing yourself to just “be”, trusting once more the perfection in all things. It is a state of deep peace and presence. Once you have let go of all that limits you and dropped into this deep state, it is a good time to ask for guidance and listen to the inspiration that comes for you.

It is also helpful at this time to write down the insights you have received through this experience.

Step 3: Clearing Core Conditioning Session

If you wish to take this process further, there is another layer that we can access together. This phase involves a 1 hour private session after the group process or is described as a clearing core conditioning session.

We begin with a brief consultation around what was revealed in phase 1 and 2.

The client then relaxes on a massage table.

This is a time to drop into the deeper layers that lie in the unconscious. I can find the energetic points that hold deeply, the deep old energy that is not easy to release on your own. By holding these points, you are able to feel yourself softening and letting go the core aspects of the patterns. As you release the blocks, you are bringing them to consciousness. I can read this energy, which clarifies the facets of the pattern. You are releasing old energy and seeing it clearly. You will no longer fall blindly into the old patterns when you are triggered again. You will be able to observe the experience from conscious awareness and a shift in energy, and work with the pattern in a healthier way.

As the old energy clears, the soul is able to communicate. It is not clouded by all the other voices that confuse us and make it hard to listen. The soul longs for you to thrive in life and it sees your path forward. It also sees your area of struggle and shares practical, supportive information on how to take steps that will shift you out of the struggle and back into alignment with your life purpose.
I can read this energy and share this information with you. You will recognize the truth as it is the deepest aspect of yourself communicating. I will either record this session and email it to you or write down key information as this information provides ongoing tools to help you ground the changes in your lifestyle. In this way, the energetic shift that takes place in the session can be lasting and transformative.

Goddess Work

This session focuses on discovering the divine feminine qualities that are innately yours and how to work with feminine energy. You then work with a process to  embody these qualities fully. You access and release what limits this full expression so that you can truly become the Goddess that you are.

(2 1/2 hours) $230

Couple’s Counseling and Conscious Communication Workshop

Couples will focus on emotional safety and conscious communication. They will learn tools for compassionate communication and then practice using the tools as a means to communicate with each other around challenging subjects. This session provides a safe neutral environment for in depth clearing of old patterns that do not serve the highest good of both parties.

Includes: Heart centered meditation, ways to listen, defuse anger, cooperate to solve problems and conflicts where everyone’s needs are met. Learning and practicing Byron Katie’s inquiry work as a tool for forgiveness and letting go. Work with Don Miguel’s four agreements. You receive a work book with all the teachings and tools to support ongoing practice in daily life.

This is a 4 hour in depth process. $350.00

This 4 hour workshop can also be broken into two 2 hour sessions.

Couples Session: Deepening into Intimacy

Couples learn meditation techniques that center in the heart and deep presence. They are taken through a process together and then they share and discuss their personal process in a safe supportive environment. They support and witness each other in the process of clearing core conditioning and coming to peace and clarity. Reinforcement of tools to support self love and acceptance leading to unconditional love of partner and deeper spiritual union. When our needs are met, we can be there for others.

This is a 4 hour in depth process. $350.00

This 4 hour workshop can also be broken into two 2 hour sessions.

Ceremonies on the Land

These can be tailored to meet the need of the individual or group. Sitara is an Internationally certified Yoga Instructor (23 years).

Sacred Yoga Hike

Hiking to a sacred site for yoga and meditation.

(2 1/2 hours) $230.00

Groups (3 hours) $275.00 and $10 per additional person.

Let It Go

Letting go ceremonies and meditation in the vortex energy.

(2 1/2 hours) $230.00

Groups (3 hours) $275.00 and $10 per additional person.

Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest

Sitara has lived on Reservations and worked with medicine men all over the South West. She was asked to be a sweat lodge keeper and has been initiated to support vision quest.The Sweat lodge holds up to 15 people and is purposefully small for greater intimacy and support for the prayers. Sitara shares traditional teachings and focuses on heart opening and healing in her sweat lodge.

This introduces the purpose and form for vision quest, you have a condensed experience and learn how to expand it and use it in the future for a more in depth experience.

1 person 2 day is $320, 1 person 4 day is $480

Traditional Vision Quest Ceremony

2 or 4 day for groups 5 or more

The vision quest is very simple and personal. It is you and your thoughts and your prayers, you alone with the Great Spirit and nature. It is a time out to sit down and contemplate and seek communion with the creator as to why you are here. Afterward, you will have gifts and insights to go back out to the world stronger and clearer and more ready to serve others and the planet in ways of right living. Read more below…

Vision Quest Details

This is a Native American ceremony that many tribes have in common. It is an opportunity to empty out all the busy stimulus of daily life and be renewed and inspired with clear sight and vision. It puts you alone before the Great Mystery. It is an opportunity to realize the vastness of the universe and our oneness with it.

A traditional vision quest may last 4 days with no food or water but there are many variations of vision quest to meet the individual. For a first vision quest, 2 days and a night are recommended. This is a time to fast and some people refrain from water for this time.

Why would someone consider vision quest?”

It is an opportunity to spend time in contemplation of the Creator who allows us to be here, for uninterrupted prayer and communication with the powers of the universe communing with nature and the stars.

It is an opportunity to slow down to the natural pace of nature, to sit still and watch the sun move across the sky and the stars come out. It is a chance to observe the birds and insects and trees and rocks and feel our place in union with all that surrounds us.

Vision Quest affords us time for self-reflection, the purpose is for self improvement, for right living, for health and well being, to feel our purpose and receive vision and spiritual insight, wisdom and understanding.  There is also a striving to give back for what we receive, a commitment is made to do some worthy work for the good of others or the earth.

A Sweat lodge ceremony is usually performed before vision quest. The purification of the sweat lodge thins down the “spiritual veil”. The vision quester is cleansed in mind, in spirit, and in body by the lodge through both the steam and the penetrating spiritual atmosphere.

Vision questers are supported by a ceremonial guide. They will be advised how to prepare themselves before the vision quest. One helpful ritual is to make tobacco prayer ties. The vision quester will use small squares of black, red, yellow and white cloth and tie a pinch of tobacco in each square, offering a specific prayer in each bundle. This is a way to contemplate and strengthen the prayers during the vision quest. They will be supported in the sweat lodge and led to a fasting ceremonial site. The guide will check on them each day and support their process and aid them in integrating back afterwards.

Payment for Services

If you have made a reservation for services, sessions, courses, or workshops, please make your payment by clicking “MAKE PAYMENT” and then enter the amount quoted in your payment request email. Thank you!


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