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Healing our selves, healing others, healing the earth. Diverse experience in psychology practice, body work and non-profit field.


Private Practice, Transpersonal Psychologist. Sedona, AZ M.A. LMT— 1997-present

Includes work with individuals, couples, groups. Mentoring apprentices, teacher training and courses in schools on Conscious Communication and Intra-personal Intelligence, workshops, courses and retreats internationally on Transpersonal Psychology and Clearing Core Conditioning.

Teaching conscious communication and Enhancing Childrens Natural Intuition in Schools.

University Lecturer. 1994,1995 and 2012

Taught Yoga Psychology, and Introduction to Somatic Psychology to undergraduates and graduates at Prescott College Arizona. Mentored on line students in transpersonal body centered psychology.

President and founder. Desert Star Community School – 2002-2006

A Waldorf/Multiple Intelligences Charter School in Cornville Arizona. Research. Administration, grant application and management, fundraising, coordinating volunteers, formed non profit, writing of charter and programs.

Yoga Teacher—1990-present

Owner and Operator “Mommy and Me” 1999-2007, (While my children were home.)

Producer of 2 kid yoga DVD’s including Family Acro Yoga Yoga and Kids World Yoga. See

Taught yoga in schools, 2005-2009.

Program Director Boys and Girls Club, Phoenix Az.— 1996-1997

Created and Initiated teen programs for youth at Risk using creative processing.

Producer, Director. Education Management Group, Phoenix AZ — 1996-1998

Produced, directed, wrote scripts and presented life skill videos for schools.

Prescott College Adjunct Faculty— 1994-1995

Taught Yoga Psychology and supported independent study involving initiating a 3 week multicultural youth leadership camp, Payson, AZ

President and founder. We Create Our Future Educational Trust. South Africa- 1990-1993

Environmental and cultural center for Multicultural Youth During Apartheid South Africa. Administration, fundraising, promotion, media, running camps, training. Coordinated 3 international 3 week camps, students from 5 continents.

Project Director, Fairest Cape Association, Environmental Education. 1992-1993

Brought “Food for Development” model from Brazil to South Africa, Initiated first 3 pilot models. Multi million redistribution of municipal funds to urban poor, sustainable development and waste management.

Owner Esoteric Healing Practice, somatic body work and counseling South Africa. 1990-1993

Yoga Teacher Ananda Kutir Ashram 1990-1993


Board President Desert Star Community School, Grant Manager, Charter Holder responsible to State- 2002-2006.

Founded Desert Star Charter School.  Research, coordinated volunteers, writing of Charter and Grants, management, fundraised downpayment for school property, Initiated and led Hopi Exchange, yoga, conscious communication and Intra Personal Courses.

Board President We Create Our Future, 1990-1993

Volunteered: Teaching English through theater in townships, Quaker Peace Center 1987

Alliance for Survival, San Diego CA, 1989

Big Mountain Support Group, Native American Rights AZ, 1989

Community Arts Project South Africa Creative Protest and Community building 1985-1987

Student Health and Welfare Org. South Africa. Pre school teacher training in Townships 1984-1987

International Work Experience includes: Peru, Ecuador, Botswana, Namibia, India, Thailand, South Africa, and USA with indigenous peoples rights, human rights and environmental issues. Teaching transpersonal body centered Psychology in South Africa, USA, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand.

Education and Certification

Prescott College, Prescott AZ, 1996  MA Transpersonal Psychology Full scholarship.

University of Cape Town South Africa 1984 BA Psychology, English

Yoga Teacher International Certification Sivananda Ashram, South Africa 1990

Massage therapist. Institute of Health Sciences San Diego, CA, 1989 LMT.
Certification includes: Shiatsu, Proprioceptive listening, Polarity Therapy, Parasympathetic Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Cranial Sacral therapy, Phoenix Rising Therapy, Thai Massage, Esoteric Healing, Reflexology, Somatic Training, Neuro-muscular therapy, anatomy, restoring the wisdom of the body, transpersonal somatic therapy.

Training includes: apprenticeship with shamans and healers world wide, study with enlightened masters.

Initiations: Sufi healing conductor and Cherag. 4 years traditional vision quest. Deaconess in African Orthodox Church.

Skills and accomplishments

Mother of two. Married 1998-present.

Skilled in initiating projects, creating new programs, research, networking, talent for multi-faceted work. International work.

Intuitive healer and energy worker combined with counseling.

Selected as South African Representative at World Youth Conference Costa Rica 1992

Selected as World Youth Delegate to present world youth statement at Earth Summit to Heads of State. 1992. Rio, Brazil.

Selected to present and participate at two International Community Worker Conferences. South Africa and India 1999 and 1994.

Initiated and directed Multi million “Food for Development Program” in South Africa where municipal funds are redirected to the urban poor.

President of “We Create Our Future, Winner of Cap Trust Award for environmental Enterprise, Annual, national award for most outstanding project of the year. 1991

Successfully brought supreme court action against environmentally unsound saw mill and chemical treatment plant contaminating the drinking water of a rural African village.1992

Worked with the Attorney General, won supreme court case to allow Desert Star School to continue operation. Sedona, AZ. 2007.

Board President and founder Desert Star Community School 2002-2006


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